Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Northern Spy Food Co.--East Village

Northern Spy Food Co. opened up a few months ago in the East Village and it looks like it's trying to cultivate a neighborhood reputation for being an alternative to locavore competitor, Back Forty. Steadily, over the last few weeks, the customer base has grown everytime I walk past the place.
The handcrafted and cheerful appearance of the restaurant's interior, the rough-hewn tables and benches, and the plethora of rustic design touches are characteristic of the farm-to-table ethos that this restaurant espouses.

Although their breakfast/brunch menu seemed more interesting, today, I decided to pay a visit for lunch. The choices on the menu are not as extensive as Back Forty --which is a good thing--reflecting hearty, simple food (served EVERYWHERE I go these days). I had the roasted chicken with brussel sprouts and carmelized leeks. The plate arrived somewhat sad and soggy looking. Served on the bone, the chicken breast meat was juicy and tasty, but the dark meat wasn't fully cooked to my liking. I also prefer the skin on the chicken to have a nice, seasoned, crispiness to it, which mine lacked. The brussel sprouts were overcooked and mushy, reminiscent of a bad side dish from the 1950s. The leeks were slightly slimy and also overcooked. I could tell there was flavor in each vegetable dish, but it seemed like I was served yesterday's nuked leftovers.

I am going to give this restaurant another chance for brunch, because it's so close to my apartment and the staff was so nice. Here's hoping to a better brunch experience!

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