Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Pig Primer

As fatty fodder for my culinary curiosities, I took a butchery class at
The Brooklyn Kitchen in Williamsburg to brush up on the various cuts of pork (i.e. belly, loin, picnic, shoulder, jowl, hock, etc..) and learn the best practices for cooking and integrating offal as well as other extraneous pig morsels into dishes. While the class is not hands-on, it is, nevertheless, extremely engaging and informative. The demonstration is led by a very wry and entertaining instructor by the name of Tom, who is the head-butcher at esteemed restaurants, such as Diner, Marlowe and Sons, and Bonita. The class consisted of about 10 people standing around a huge-ass half pig on a huge-ass steel table, while Tom butchered meat, shared his droll observations about his days in the kitchen, and dealt out educational tidbits, like how skirt is actually the diaphragm of an animal (I did not know that!). After 2-hours and a worthwhile investment of $75 , one leaves with about 8 LBS of amazing pork and all the more wiser about our good, yet fated, friend, Mr.Pig. the brooklyn kitchen
616 Lorimer St.
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Monday to Saturday

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