Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Maple-Bacon Lollies! Yay!

Lollies! You can't get Swine Flu from pork or bacon!

Everyone is aware of the bacon craze that has led to monstrosities, such as the Bacon Explosion.
Over the past year, I've seen the somewhat unorthodox use of bacon as a core ingredient in several candy products. Just do a Google Search! 

Since the financial maelstrom hit, candy consumption has been on the rise. Additionally, heavy comfort foods, such as mac and cheese, bahn mi, and bacon are also riding on a wave of popularity these days.  So, I suppose it makes sense to combine the two to more quickly soothe the angsty soul.  

I ordered these Maple-flavored Bacon Lollipops the  other day from  They were actually pretty good, mostly sweet and slightly savory. The texture gets a bit gravely as you reach the fuzzy-end of the stick, but overall tasty!  It feels a bit like eating an everlasting gobstopper--Violet Beauregard style.... 

Unfortunately, they are 4 for $10! Not exactly a deal.  Still fun to eat.  

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