Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Summertime Slump

Although, I've had a number of memorable meals and chowed down at some notable spots this summer, I have not been updating Oinking very frequently, due to several limiting factors:

1) Beach: Sunscreen and sand can truly fuck-up a computer, including a blackberry.

2) Booze: Too many sickly-sweet cocktails and fruity assortments of sangrias yielding bouts of writing inertia and trips to K-mart to get my migraine meds.

3) Wanderlust: Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Napa and WHEELING! Planning a trip to Croatia in September (Any restaurant suggestions will be appreciated!)

4) Apartment Move: If you live in New York and you are a pack-rat like me, then you know what an arduous process moving can be. Purging useless junk (but very pretty junk) that has been sitting in an overstuffed studio for 3 years is a chore. The hassle was compounded with the fact that I had a broken air-conditioner in the new apartment and what seemed like an exorbitant amount of cigarette butts, cat dander and an endless trail of dried kitty nibble nuggets to expel, leftover from the previous, discourteous tenant.

But mostly, I blame my dryspell on laziness. On that note, one of my favorite things about summer:

Watermelon and salt! Fun with NaCl!


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