Tuesday, July 13, 2010

National French Fry Day

Grrrrr. Animal Fries from In-n-Out.  Salty, but seems to be a fave for most. 

I found out today is National French Fry Day, so before the fritter commemoration ends, I would like to take the time to opine on some noteworthy fries in the city.

Best French Fries...

...with a burger and a beer: Corner Bistro
...with a fancy burger and a beer: Spotted Pig
...when you have a hankering for artificial tallow flavoring:  McDonalds, Large
...after a facial at Ling's: Coffee Shop's Fries with Thyme (Questionable, I realize, but on a rainy day, after the spa, shared while discussing the latest episode of a  Bravo reality show--this basket hits the spot.)
...uptown: J.G. Melon's Waffle Fries
...downtown: Pommes Frites with ketchup, mayonnaise and onion
...if you are partial to crinkle-cut and hellacious lines: Shake Shack
...with a plate of Steak Tartare: Balthazar

Feliz Patatas!

Via: Delivery.com

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