Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Feeling Green...

I'm on a bit of a hiatus from blogging, because I've been on a health kick and there's nothing more boring than reading about a restricted diet. Excess is much more interesting than moderation.  But I'm convinced that I can still eat tasty and healthy food, so I stocked my refrigerator with loads of citrus,  yogurt and an assortment of greens. One night for dinner, I made myself this delectable kale salad with butternut squash, chopped roasted almonds, topped with a lemon vinaigrette and healthy sprinkling of this amazing, aged Gouda  (The dish was inspired by Nothern Spy Food's kale salad, but they use chunks of clothbound cheddar and shaved parmesan).

The next day, I'm with with my trainer. He's killing me with this double routine of lunges and pull down thingies on the effing weight machine that normally I wouldn't even think of touching. I realize, as I get up to do my second set of lunges, Zach Braff is next to me, who says to me, "I hate those things." He's so wise that Zach Braff.

As I'm huffing and puffing,  my trainer asks me what I ate for dinner.  I'm so excited because I can actually give him the right answer. I'm beaming with pride, listing out the ingredients for the salad that I made for dinner.  I barely even said the word "cheese" and  he instinctively shakes his head, and said "No, you shouldn't have that." I responded meekly, "It was only a little bit of cheese."  Then, my trainer says "Think of cheese like cocaine, you can't just have a little bit of cocaine. Always remember what Kate Moss said, 'Nothing tastes better than how skinny feels'. Oh boy, I have a feeling I'm going to have a very antagonistic relationship with my trainer.

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