Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New York Times Motorino Review

Tasty pizza pie.  

The New York Times just reviewed Motorino. Check out this line: "a winter-special pie of brussels sprouts and smoked pancetta, dressed with mozzarella, garlic and pecorino, is like something from a magic act, a dog speaking BBC English. It is great and unsettling, far better than imagination would dictate. "

I'm not so sure if it's the BEST pizza in New York, but it's pretty damn good.  I haven't had a hankering for pizza lately,  but when the  urge hits,  Motorino is the place to go. I've actually only been to the Motorino in Brooklyn and I just found out that the location near me in the East Village delivers.  When the next snow day hits,  I'll be thinking about 3 things: my fuzzy sweater,  Netflix and Motorino.  DONE!

Via: The New York Times
Photo: Serious Eats 

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