Thursday, April 16, 2009

Comment Card: Butter Lane

It was my friend's birthday, so I headed over to Butter Lane to pick up some cupcakes. Located in the East Village, the shop is very small and designed for take-out and made-to-order customers.  If you are looking for a confection and coffee after some retail therapy, don't go to this place--unless you can snag the bench outside of the store.  
The major pro to this cupcake place is the delectable array of  icing choices: raspberry, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, coconut,  key lime, etc...A choice between American or French Buttercreams are given.  I ordered the raspberry, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate cupcakes and sampled the raspberry cupcake. The raspberry icing wasn't just pink, but actually tasted like raspberry! Overall, the icing wasn't cloyingly sweet and there was the perfect amount slathered on the cake. Unfortunately, the cake was dry and crumbly.  Perhaps, it was because I bought an old batch, but it wasn't the best cupcake I've had.  Oh well,  there are plenty of other cupcakes to try in this city! 

123 East 7th Street
East Village 


  1. have you tasted sweet e cupcakes?...they are the best!