Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's Bacon Bitch...Psych!

What a ZANY April Fool's Day Prank!  Think Geek concocted a fake brand, Squeez Bacon, and proceeded to hock the fabrication to gullible consumers. Lured by a fairly detailed product page, the cured meat-craving patsies click to buy, only to get served with a "Gotchya" page.  Squeez Bacon isn't the first time that meat in bottle-form has swindled the masses.  Meatwater anyone?

Seriously,  I'm not sure why spreadable bacon is so outlandish. Ever hear of  Baconnaise

The Dinner Download twitterfeed tipped me off to what seems like a tastier condiment--Skillet Street Food's Bacon Jam....

Yum? Yuck? 

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