Friday, April 17, 2009

Egg Class

The incredible, edible egg! 

I used to hate the suckers growing up, mostly because I couldn't handle the stinky, hard-boiled yolks. But now in my adult life, most recently due to my insane deviled eggs affliction, I gobble them up nearly everyday!

I had signed up for this Egg Class at
The Brooklyn Kitchen a while ago, when I was tired of overcooking omelets on Sundays and in need of a few impressive breakfast tricks up my sleeve. The instructor, Bettina, knew her stuff and was very patient and calm in temperament. The class consisted of 7 people and was very hands-on, as we all whisked our egg mixtures, flipped own omelets and poached our own eggs.  One misconception about eggs is that they are easy to cook. Technically, some egg dishes ARE easy to cook, but you need to master timing, which means having your eye on the clock at all times. I found myself constantly looking at the clock, which for the chronically late(Moi!)is a good exercise in time management.

A few suggestions:
  • Our class was pretty quiet, you will get more out of the experience, if you come with a ton of questions.
  • No need to make plans for dinner. You will be eating plenty and consuming at least a half a stick of butter. 
  • Do not wear long, drapy sleeves. Luckily, the folks at Brooklyn Kitchen had a few binder clips around to pin my bat-wings up and I averted an eggy fashion mishap. 
Overall, I learned some nifty cooking techniques on how to handle eggs and acquired some tasty brunch dishes for the weekend.  Have a good weekend!

616 Lorimer Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211
P 718.389.2982 / F 718.389.2981

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