Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fresh Direct Vending Machines Spotted at the Gym

I have absolutely ZERO focus at the gym. My eyes dart around the room, hoping that SOMETHING (a boxing class, a personal trainer at work, a bobbing ponytail) will divert my attention from the painfully slow ticking countdown of the treadmill screen clock. While mentally chasing distraction, I noticed a vending machine with refrigerated, packaged food. I got off the god-forsaken belt to get a closer look and saw that this was no ordinary vending machine, but one chockful of ready-made meals, prepared by Fresh Direct and other restaurants, such as Tabla and Rosa Mexicano.

To be honest, the meals, shielded behind the glass casing, looked a bit sad. And with the majority of choices being mostly vegetarian options, unappealing.  

But in the spirit of adventure, I decided to try one out for myself.  I slid my credit card through and out popped a plastic container of my dinner to be nuked in the funcooker for the night. I wanted to sample the Rosa Mexicano Beef Shortrib Enchiladas, but the guy ahead of me took the last meal. Instead,  I opted for the Portobello Mushroom Ravioli with the Three-Tomato Sauce for $7.95. 
For vending machine food, it was surprisingly edible, not at all the god-awful horrendous food that I was anticipating. The pasta was rubbery and pretty heavy, but the mushrooms and at least some of  tomatoes were seemingly fresh.



  1. do u have a better picture? the one posted doesn't seem appetizing sorreee. nice blog.. i'll keep on reading :)

  2. I don't have a better picture, but I'll do a better job of taking higher quality photos for you in the future.

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