Monday, March 9, 2009

Vittles for the Week: Sweet Burgers, Cereal, First Foodie Family

Food-related links from the interweb...

The Sweetest Little Hamburgers!  Via Smiley's Sweets and Creations

An Homage to Discontinued Cereals:  How I miss Frankenberry...  
Via Gunaxin.

Kevin Tries To Eat the Entire Vending Machine: Man meets machine in this episode of "What Will Kevin Do For Ricky's Money?" 
Via College Humor

The Obama Diet: The First Foodie Family With a Filipina chef to boot! 
"Michelle Obama, who declined (Alice) Waters' offer (along with Gourmet editor Ruth Reichl and New York restaurateur Danny Meyer) to choose a new White House chef, in order to stick with Cristeta Comerford, a Filipino who is both the first woman and the first member of a minority to hold that position, continues to up the ante on the food front. "  

Guity Pleasures:  Trader Joe's Corn Dogs and Andy Capp's Hot Fries

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