Monday, March 23, 2009

Vittles for the Week: Big Food, Food Fights, and Whole Foods

The McSurf 'n Turf: This should be the universal sign for blood-curdling indigestion. Findings like this fast-food monstrosity have secured a book deal for the bloggers of the site, This is Why You're Fat.
Via: This is Why You're Fat
The Harper Studio

Food: The Enemy of the People? A new report explores the comparisons between Big Tobacco and Big Food.
Via: The Atlantic

Food Fight!
The people versus mass-produced food.
Via: The New York Times

Why Whole Foods Sorta Sucks: A man gets canned for "stealing" a tuna fish sandwich.
Via: Gothamist

PEACE!!!!! A man writes out his resignation on a huge-ass sheet cake. Better to read than eat. Blergh!

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