Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Vittles for the Week: Naked Peeps, Grilled Cheese and $12K

Eco-friendly and a Supreme Space-Saving Grocery Bag: Let's save the world!
Via: NYTimes
Slimy looking soup that makes you thin.

Super-lame Copy Cat: This is What Makes You Thin--I much prefer looking at pics that are bad for you.
Via: Twitter

Yummy looking sandwich that makes you fat.
Yummy: Mind Blowing Grilled Cheese--Delish.
Via: Food 2

$12K Doughnut
: Dunkin' Donuts hosts a contest to create their next donut
Via: Dunkin Donuts and Food2

Naked Peeps: Odd Picture, no?

Via: Buzzfeed
Chicago Tribune

Why I Must Move to Paris for a Month: New York versus Parisian Dining
Via: NyTimes.com

The Best Cuts: Ribs Revealed --Wish there were pics for each cut.
Via: Saveur.com


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