Sunday, March 22, 2009

Food Art: We the Peeps...

An Example of Peep Art: Peeps on a Plane! : A Miracle on the Hudson

I'm kinda in love with the plump, pastel confection, known as Peeps, the utterly adorable, sugar-covered marshmallow treat. As Easter approaches, Peep Art, usually in the form of dioramas, surfaces all over the country, rendering winsome surprise and entertainment value for the American masses. These artistic constructions have always held a certain fascination for me.
Perhaps, it's the reinvention of a mass-produced object into a work of originality, depicting playful scenarios beyond expected Easter associations. Or, maybe it's the strange collision of incongruent notions of innocence and corruption caused by adulterating a precious, childhood goody into something physically gruesome, as this...

A scene from Reservoir Dogs

...or as sexually provocative, as this...

Peep Bunnies makin' a living .

Undeniably, the cultural ubiquity and nostalgia around the seasonal marshmallow delight contribute elements of charm and whimsy to most Peep installations. Here are some of my favorite examples that I found surfing on the interweb:


Peep Pop-Art

Peeps for President Obama

Peep Prison

Channeling Lloyd Dobler...

Downward-facing Peeps

Feel free to submit more Peeps sightings. Can't get enough of 'em...

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